Mary Gladstone – 'Healthy House'


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Healthy House – knitted cotton
Unframed & fitted with fixings to display, 20cm x 20cm

About As a regular exhibitor in the oriel CRiC gallery, Mary Gladstone has continued to delight with her knitted creations proving that painting can indeed happen in any medium. She says: “Pleko = I knit, in Greek. A friend describes the knitted pictures I create as 'plektures'. Plektures have taken over from painting as my preferred mode of expressing my musings on life. When I moved to Wales I adopted wool rather than cotton as the yarn I knit and I have learnt to spin so that I can create the shades and textures I need for each plekture. The drawings and studies I make from life give me the freedom to be able to improvise knitted figures without a pattern, although the overall design of each work is carefully considered.”