Classes & Courses

A range of accredited and informal courses in and around Crickhowell, including creative classes, exercise and language courses. Please scroll down  below the calendar for a list of some of those on offer.

Pottery classes at Peak Cymru, Crickhowell

Calendar of Classes & Courses

Stone Carving Weekend Course

July 1st-2nd 

Be inspired! Treat yourself to a creative course. Weekend course in stone carving.

Excellent tuition in a stunning location overlooking the Llanthony Valley..

Address: Llanthony Art Courses, Broadley Farm, Llanthony NP7 7NW

for more info -

Phone: 01873 890343



These classes introduce those attending to the experience of Qi (chi) the natural energy at the core of all our movements, thoughts and emotions. They consist of slow, gentle healing movements (sometimes called Chinese Yoga) and simple sitting meditations. Once learnt, week by week, these joyful, flowing, Qigong exercises work with the body, the mind, and the breath to support and strengthen our own natural tendency towards inner healing, strength and harmony.

Good health and spontaneous healing are our true birthright but continual stress, physical tension and mental anxiety can seriously undermine these natural gifts. Regular practice of Qigong is one of the gentlest and most enjoyable ways to free the mind and the body from these destructive forces allowing natures own healing process, The Healer Within, to once again play its full role in our lives. This is a lovely way to stay well.

for details contact: Dek Leverton 01495 723597,

Tai Chi Chuan @ the Peak Centre

Every morning in the parks and gardens of China people of all ages perform the ancient art of Tai Chi. This gentle way to restore and maintain health has been preserved over the centuries. Now it is thought to be the most widely practised health exercise in the world.

Playing Tai Chi on a regular basis develops grace, coordination and balance; tones muscles, tendons and joints; stimulates and increases the flow of Qi (Life force) through the internal organs and helps to open both the heart and mind to the joy and mystery of life.

A complete set of Tai Chi movements (or postures) is called a form. The one taught at these classes is the Yang style short form. Like Qigong Tai Chi is a delight to perform but does take more time to learn and a greater degree of patience and commitment to regular practise in order to master all of the movements.

Learning and playing the form together in class is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways I know to spend time with others, but it is in your own private practise where, over time, you will gradually learn to deepen your natural connection to the life force itself.

For details contact: Dek Leverton 01495 723597,