There is something magical about Crickhowell at Christmas with the town embracing the festivity with glittering lights and decorations while retaining is particular charm which makes it such a popular destination for a day out. No visit to the town would be complete without a visit to the oriel CRiC gallery with its inspiring Christmas exhibition featuring a wide range of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glass, prints and jewellery. It is a treasure trove in which you are sure  to find that special gift for family and friends or to lift your spirit with something special for your home, but it is also a beautiful and welcoming space to enjoy the creativity and beauty of the work exhibited.

The gallery is brought alive by colour, design and artistry in many forms. Glass blower and sculptor Karlin Rushbrooke’s  decorative glass adds glowing and beautiful colour while his glass and steel  sculptures depict the challenges of being human. Sculpture is very much valued at the oriel cric gallery with David England’s Ancaster stone pieces  ‘Another Journey’ and ‘Rivermaid’ adding wonderment to the exhibition. His evocative work sits very comfortably with the new collection of sculptural ceramics by Valerie James who similarly touches on the mystery of the journey through life exploring the themes of archetypes,  dreams, Mythology, Symbolism and Nature.

Every exhibition is a celebration of the skill and creativity of the exhibiting artists and Christmas is no exception. Valuing jewellery, ceramics and textiles all made by hand in the season of gift giving, can only bring joy to both the giver and the recipient. From original paintings to the tiniest of decorations, there is sure to be something to suit every taste and pocket.

The staff and volunteers enjoy warmly welcoming visitors to this seasonal exhibition which continues for the twelve days of Christmas.