The autumn exhibition included many of the gallery’s regular exhibitors, such as Martin Truefitt-Baker, Tim Rossiter and  Rhian Symes. It also saw the return of Ali Edgson, whose evocative landscape paintings justifiably have many admirers, and of wildlife artist Tracey-Anne Sitch.

The gallery was delighted to welcome a joyous collection of exquisitely handcrafted quilts by mid Wales textile artist Annie Griffiths whose passion lies in the design of quilts that uplift the spirit with their vibrant colour, texture and design.  Annie says of her work, “With every cut and meticulous assembly of shapes, I weave together the threads of imagination and craftsmanship. Each quilt becomes a testament to my devotion, infused with a profound sense of care and attention to detail. As I meticulously stitch and layer, I imbue my work with the essence of my surroundings—the vibrant landscapes, the rich heritage, and the gentle rhythms of life in Wales”. It is her hope that “within this exhibition, my quilts will resonate with viewers, eliciting a sense of wonder, serenity, and a profound connection to the beauty that surrounds us”.

Patricia Kelly well known for her irresistible, colourful  and quirky ceramic figures  worked collaboratively with Annie to create ceramics inspired by the designs, contributing in no small way to the visual journey.