Valerie says of her work, "I make art because I want to bring into my own visual world an idea of touching the mystery;  to add a little ‘something’ of my soul’s journey through life. The most exciting thing is the impetus, the drive, the spark to make the invisible, visible. The intangible flux of atoms, molecules and breath that make up my being,  shape and inform a creative, imaginative response to each rising moment. Ideas are formed or birthed in this melting pot of scrying and  stirring, I grasp what I can before they dissolve into mist and the mundane. The main themes for my work come from Archetypes, Dreams, Mythology, Symbolism and Nature.  In addition to this, looking into my subconscious through meditation opens up a vast array of exciting and mysterious material, a feast of ideas for the visual artist. With the motivation and ideas in place the narrative interest drives the creation of the work.   I look for the materials that will suit the story.  When I paint I use traditional methods and techniques that include a gesso ground and under painting prior to deciding which medium to use.  I paint mainly in oils for their depth of colour and vibrancy  and use various under painting which can be inks, acrylics, watercolour or print. With ceramics I use stoneware and porcelain clay. Oxides are rubbed into the surfaces and underglazes applied.  The final firing has an overglaze and some works are given a ‘special’ or ‘votive’ finish by adding gold lustre.I trained in painting and sculpture at UCW Aberystwyth and have devoted my working life to pursuing a very personal mystery through these two mediums" .Valerie James  -  November 2019

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