Tim Rossiter

Crickhowell based artist Tim Rossiter works mainly in oil on panel, using successive layers of glazes to build up and adjust the colours and tones, a common enough process 400 years ago but less usual in contemporary practice. He works imaginatively, with music, poetry, mythology and the Welsh landscape all providing themes, though the content is always his own. He tends to work from memory so that he edits out unwanted detail rather than trying to make a visual copy of the world. The transparency of the glazes he uses and his reluctance to blend the paint into uniform surface is what gives the work a rather staccato grain when viewed close up and its exceptional luminosity.

The oriel CRiC gallery showcases Tim's original work on a regular basis. A number of paintings are currently for sale in the gallery and  are available to purchase in  the online gallery. Please contact the gallery for any further information. 

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