Rhian Symes

Rhian worked for many years as a ceramic artist and has found returning to art work later in life very rewarding. Watercolour painting came to her at a time in her life when she had just had a stroke and the therapeutic value of painting took her life in a new direction. Sitting by the canal with her camera, the reflections of the birds in the water intrigued her. The bright colours, distorted shapes and extended images all added to the spectacular sight which she now captures in her paintings. Rhian works in an unusual way. She only draws an outline and uses light brush strokes to do the rest. She paints the bottom half of the painting and then the sides sideways. The top is painted upside down. Since 2008 she has been an elected member of the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales.  Her work has become very collectible and the Contemporary Art Society of Wales has purchased her paintings to add to a collection for the “Art in Hospitals” Charity.

Rhian's accomplished original paintings are represented in the oriel CRiC gallery and can also be viewed in the online shop of the website.